Public Health in the Field: Experiences of a Public Health Professional

By: Stephanie Pollard Stephanie Pollard has over thirty years of experience in the healthcare field and earned her MPH from the University of Florida in 2004. In this story, she […]

AI cancer

Deep Learning for Cancer Treatment

By: Rachel Lynch Patients suffering from cancer can often feel like they have little to no options when it comes to treatment. Due to the nature of cancer, over time […]

Public Health Professionals, “Don’t You Forget about Me”

By: Jazmine R. Quintana, MPH Candidate Interprofessional healthcare: a model that includes members of various sectors of health care to develop a more diverse team of individuals. The result? Improved health […]

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Poor Health Outcomes Associated with Low SES Status; How Poverty Can Be a Determinant of Health

Written by: Shawna Amini On Halloween night, I met a little girl trick-or-treating around my neighborhood. Her father works for my parent’s business, so I am aware that this girl […]

Why I Chose To Go Into Public Health: The Power of Connections

Written by: Laura Ramirez One of the major driving forces that led me to pursue a career in public health was my own personal experiences navigating the health care delivery […]

“Are You Sure There Are No Peanuts in This? I Can’t Afford to Use My EpiPen”

Written by: Summer Slaughter When you hear someone ask if there’s a specific ingredient in a recipe, you might assume that the person is inquiring because they’re trying to stick […]

The Role of Public Health in Emergency Preparedness

Written by: Johanzynn Gatewood How often can we predict an emergency? And when we can, how often are we prepared for what happens next? In public health, an emergency could be […]

Perspectives from the Field: Climate Change in North Central Florida

Written by: Kelli Selwyn Ask anyone in the field and they will tell you that a Masters of Public Health is a practice degree, but does that mean practice and […]

Future Voices of Public Health: A Student-Run Blog

Welcome to the Future Voices of Public Health!

We are excited to introduce the new Future Voices of Public Health website (previously housed on the Master of Public Health website) and we hope to continue to inform our communities about public health topics relevant to all disciplines.

We are a student-run collaborative blog where students can combine their classroom knowledge with the practical application of effectively communicating information to other professionals as well as the general public.

Since public health is an interdisciplinary field, authors propose and write topics on various sectors of the public health field (i.e. health-care policy, health disparities, environmental health, internship experiences, etc.).

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