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Spring 2017

Regular Exercise As A Tool For Better Health In Elderly Populations

Written By: Helen O’Keefe Exercise should be such a core part of our lives that it comes as naturally as the daily commute to work or the morning routine of breakfast and a shower. It can become more difficult to obtain regular exercise for those who live with…

Whats The Squeeze?: Assessing The Nutritional Facts of Juicing

Written By: Alexa Thompson Did you enter the new year with a resolution to eat healthier? Were you like me and promised yourself that you’d visit your local farmer’s market? National Nutrition Awareness Month has arrived and is a great checkpoint to evaluate how you’ve done thus far.

A, B, C,… What you need to know about Vitamin D deficiency

Written By: Jessica Spana It can be hard to imagine that a large portion of the population could be deficient in an important vitamin, but almost half of American adults are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus…

The Increasing Importance of Cultural Competence in Global Health

Written By: Adeyoola Adeniji Culture plays such an integral role in the lives of individuals. It influences our beliefs, morals, and behaviors. However, sometimes global health issues are approached without taking the time to fully understand the social dynamics, political structure, and overall…